Clements Equine


Situated in Suffolk, in the village of Bardwell between Bury St Edmunds and Diss, we offer a full range of livery services tailored to your individual requirements. We are a friendly family run yard, with a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff, who are happy to cater for all types of horses from top competition horses to Shetland ponies.

We have a wealth of experience backing and bringing on horses, from long reining through to their first competition and beyond, so we can take your horse for as little or as long as required, either to teach the very basics or through to competition level. We are lucky to have excellent facilities to assist in this process, the ménage, lungepen, jumping paddock and horsewalker are well used, alongside the solarium and Equissage massage pad as required.

We also have the knowledge, experience and necessary facilities and equipment to take in horses for post operative care and rehabilitation. We apply the utmost importance in maintaining a high health status – all new horses are strangles tested before coming on site.  We also have a regular programme of worming and worm counting for every horse on the yard.

Livery Facilities

At Clements Equine we offer superb facilities to provide top class care for your horse including:

  • Well aired internal and external stables in varying sizes
  • 18m diameter rubber floored Kylix horse exerciser with six training programs, exercised both reins in the same programme
  • 50m x 25m floodlit rubber & sand arena with show-jumps and in-built irrigation system
  • 18m diameter lunge pen
  • Excellent hacking including local permit ride and bridleways including the Stanton Rides, 27 miles of bridleways
  • Solarium with UV lights
  • Well managed grazing with post and rail or stud fenced paddocks ensuring secure year round turn out
  • Secure storage for horse boxes and trailers on hard standing
  • Secure tackrooms with individual storage sections
  • Spacious feed rooms with individual storage sections
  • Restroom with heating, kettle and microwave
  • Super quality straw, hay and haylage for sale on site and ample storage
  • Stocks
  • Excellent security including CCTV, secure yard locked at night and owner living on site

Sales Livery – Hassle Free Selling


We offer the service of taking in horses or ponies on livery to sell. This means that not only is your horse or pony prepared in the best possible way for sale but you also get free advertising and access to our clients waiting to purchase suitable horses and ponies. After viewing your horse to assess suitability (we only take on safe and genuine horses to sell)and inviting you to view our facilities, we would take on your horse or pony on a full livery basis. This service includes all day to day duties such as mucking out, grooming and exercising alongside schooling, fittening and full sales preparation such as mane pulling and clipping. Our experienced team will school your horse working on any necessary areas, hack out, jump (show-jump and cross-country). The only additional costs as shoeing and any veterinary bills, and 10% commission taken on sale.  We aim to sell your horse as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring he is matched with a suitable home and rider. We also offer a horse finding service. If we don’t have the right horse for your needs here we are able to import excellent horses and ponies from Ireland and Europe at very reasonable prices from our trusted contacts.

“Finding ponies for your children and selling ponies who’ve become part of the family is an impossible task. I would fully recommend Charlotte and her team as they have been extremely helpful, friendly and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to use the services of Clements Equine again.”
Tanya Peate, Brinkley, Newmarket

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